Register of Directors' Interests

Directors (and Trustees) have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the Office of the Independent Adjudicator and in accordance with the OIA’s governing documents.

In keeping with the responsibility it is imperative that Directors are aware of , and properly manage, potential conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of interest arise where an individual’s personal or non OIA interests may conflict with the interests of the OIA. This could, for example, inhibit free discussions or lead to a perception that the individual is acting out of motives other than trying to achieve the best outcome for the OIA.

It is recognised that conflicts of interest will inevitably occur from time to time and that OIA Directors also legitimately undertake roles outside of the OIA. The OIA Board therefore believes it is important to be transparent in terms of such interests and to ensure they are properly recorded and, where necessary, Directors will withdraw from decision making if there is a danger of perceived conflict.  The issue is not the integrity of the individual but the need to clearly demonstrate good governance and Board independence.

A register of interests is maintained by the Company Secretary and will be reviewed by the Board annually. It is the responsibility of Directors to update their entry when necessary. There will also be an opportunity to declare interest at the start of meetings as they may relate to particular business at hand.

Directors have registered their interests as follows: