Our People

Our People

The Senior Leadership Team comprises Felicity Mitchell, Independent Adjudicator and Ben Elger, Chief Executive.

The OIA is the independent student complaints ombudsman for higher education in England and Wales. We have two key purposes, to review unresolved complaints from individual students and to promote good practice in handling complaints and appeals.

Case-handling teams

We have three case-handling teams. Our Casework Support Team deals with enquiries and the early stages of our process once we receive a complaint. Our Assessment and Resolution and Adjudication Teams conduct our case reviews and resolve cases, including through informal resolution and issuing adjudications.

Outreach and Insight Team

Our Outreach and Insight Team leads our work to promote good practice in handling complaints and appeals and our wider outreach work with student organisations and providers.

Stakeholder Engagement and Membership Team

Our Stakeholder Engagement and Membership Team works with sector bodies, government and other relevant organisations to contribute to the development of policy and legislation, as well as supporting the integration of providers who are new to the OIA Scheme.

Organisational teams

The work of the Office is supported by a number of organisational teams. The Operations Team covers areas such as finance, IT and information management. The Leadership Office provides support to the Senior Leadership Team and the Board of Directors. The Human Resources Team manages all aspects of human resources including learning and development.