Our People


The Independent Adjudicator and Chief Executive is Judy Clements OBE.

The Senior Leadership Team comprises Judy Clements, the Deputy Adjudicator, Felicity Mitchell and the Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary, Ben Elger.

The Independent Adjudicator and Chief Executive is appointed under the Nolan Rules of fair and open competition. The current Independent Adjudicator is appointed on a five year basis, renewable for a further 3 years.

All other case handling staff members are appointed through competitive recruitment exercises (internal and/or external).

The Casework Quality Group (CQG) monitors the consistency and quality of the OIA's review and decisions. The Group meets regularly and is made up of the Managers of the Assessment and Resolution Team and Adjudication Team, the Deputy Adjudicator, and the Independent Adjudicator. The CQG is chaired by the Deputy Adjudicator, Felicity Mitchell.

The CQG oversees the OIA's approval system, which forms part of the OIA's quality assurance processes. Its purpose is to ensure that the OIA produces consistent and reasonable decisions, which provide a fair, balanced and proportionate response to the complaint. The key aims of the CQG are to ensure that the OIA's processes operate fairly and consistently, that there is a consistency in OIA decisions, and that there are mechanisms for capturing key information for external and internal communication.

The following OIA staff roles address disputes

  • Casework Administrator (6)
  • (Snr) Case-handler (11)
  • (Snr) Assistant Adjudicator (19)
  • Casework Support Manager (1)
  • Adjudication Manager (5)
  • Head of Adjudication Team (1)
  • Head of Assessment and Resolution team (1)
  • Deputy Adjudicator (1)
  • Independent Adjudicator (1)

Other staff roles cover: