Our People

Operational Teams

Operations Team

Steven Barber (Operations Manager) - steven.barber@oiahe.org.uk
Alex Nutt - alex.nutt@oiahe.org.uk
Anda Albu - anda.albu@oiahe.org.uk
Cheryl Goswell - cheryl.goswell@oiahe.org.uk
Christopher Dallaway - christopher.dallaway@oiahe.org.uk
Katherine Haralampous - katherine.haralampous@oiahe.org.uk
Keshia Perkins - keshia.perkins@oiahe.org.uk
Matt Haylett - matt.haylett@oiahe.org.uk
Vytenis Jazbutis - vytenis.jazbutis@oiahe.org.uk

Head of Leadership Office

Sarah Liddell - sarah.liddell@oiahe.org.uk

Membership Team

Charlotte Corrish - charlotte.corrish@oiahe.org.uk
Hilary Jones - hilary.jones@oiahe.org.uk

Policy and Communications Team

Jane Clarkson (Policy and Communications Manager) - jane.clarkson@oiahe.org.uk
Lisa Ivey - lisa.ivey@oiahe.org.uk
Steven du Cros - steven.ducros@oiahe.org.uk
Suzanne Veitch - suzanne.veitch@oiahe.org.uk

HR Team

Michaela Hanb├╝erger (HR Manager) - michaela.hanbuerger@oiahe.org.uk
Rose Whittall - rose.whittall@oiahe.org.uk
Terry Hardie - terry.hardie@oiahe.org.uk