Subscription to the OIA

OIA Subscriptions

The OIA is funded by subscriptions from member providers, at a level determined by the OIA Board. The information on this page gives full details for 2018.

For the purposes of subscriptions, the OIA year runs from January to December and where appropriate, rates will be pro-rated for example where a provider joins the OIA Scheme part way through a year.

Core subscription fee rates

The table below sets out the core fee rates for 2018. For FE colleges and Sixth Form colleges which provide HE ('HE in FE Providers') there is a reduction of 30 per cent in the core subscription fee. This is to reflect the different regulatory and funding environment in FE where HE makes up a relatively small proportion of total student numbers.

The Board agreed an increase in core subscription fee rates for 2018 of 2.9 per cent for all types of provider. Subscription levels are reviewed annually.

Subscription Fees 2018

Providers of School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITTs)

All SCITTs will pay the same core subscription fee for 2018 at £249.43.

Franchise-only providers

Providers whose only HE provision is franchised from another provider will pay a core subscription fee for 2018 of £249.43 per annum.

Data source and period

Data Source 2018

Case-related element of subscriptions

Subscriptions may also include a smaller case-related element which is charged where the number of complaints received by the OIA from students at the provider in the previous year exceeded the band's point threshold. Each case that students bring to us above that number incurs 'points' and then the number of points the provider is over the threshold determines the fee.

For cases received in 2018, there is one point for each case that is ineligible for OIA review, two points where the case is settled or withdrawn before it goes to full review and five points where the case receives a full review. Where a complaint is judged 'vexatious' by the OIA it will not incur any points. Group and linked complaints will be dealt with on a case by case basis. The OIA will make the final decision about which category any case falls into and may need to make some assumptions at year end which will be amended later as appropriate.

From 2018 each point over the threshold is worth £190.

Bands 2018

The points threshold will be pro-rated for providers joining the OIA Scheme part way through the year. However, the points threshold will not be reduced below five points to ensure each provider will not pay the case element for the first case received by the OIA during the calendar year.

The case element will be invoiced by March each year for the previous year's cases. Interim statement information will be provided in-year to help with record keeping.

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