Complaints the OIA cannot look at

There are some complaints which fall outside our rules.  For example, we cannot look at a complaint which:

  • concerns admission to the provider;
  • relates to academic judgment;
  • is or has been the subject of court or tribunal proceedings (unless those proceedings have been “stayed” or adjourned);
  • concerns student employment;
  • has been dealt with before by the OIA;

In some cases, the OIA can decide not to accept a complaint.  For example, we might reject the complaint if we consider that:

  • it does not materially affect the complainant as a student;
  • the complaint relates to events which took place more than three years ago;
  • the complaint is frivolous or vexatious;
  • the provider has satisfactorily dealt with the complaint;
  • a party has unreasonably delayed or has otherwise acted unreasonably; or there are good reasons for doing so.

For more detailed information see our Guidance Note: Eligibility and the Rules.