MyOIA is a secure online portal which provides an easy and more intuitive way to:

Make a complaint

To access MyOIA students, you just need to create an account by providing some contact details and creating a password. The contact details you provide when creating an account will be stored and used to populate the Complaint Form so you will not need to provide this information again.

Track the progress of complaints

The tracker shows identical information about each complaint to students (and their representatives) and provider MyOIA users. This information includes when we have:

  • received a complaint,
  • allocated a complaint to a case-handler,
  • received correspondence from a student or the provider, and
  • any deadlines for information or comments to be sent to us.

Change your contact details

You can update your contact details by logging into your MyOIA account saving you from having to call or e-mail us.

MyOIA for students

Creating a MyOIA account makes it easy for you to submit a complaint to us. When you have submitted a complaint form to us, your MyOIA account will allow you to view a tracker showing the progress of your complaint as we review it. For more information on the way we handle your complaint please see our 'What Happens Next?' leaflet and our webpage giving you advice on helping us review your complaint’.

If you have any questions about MyOIA, the MyOIA Help page may help you. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

MyOIA for providers

MyOIA allows providers to see a list and details of complaints about their provider, and to filter cases on a range of criteria including whether they are open or closed.

When we introduced MyOIA in November 2017 we created accounts for all known Provider Points of Contact (POC). POCs and POC Delegates will also be able to invite other complaints handling staff to create a Provider User MyOIA account. The different Provider MyOIA accounts have different permission settings which affect the action you can take and the information available within MyOIA. You can find out more on the MyOIA Help page.

MyOIA for representatives

It is preferable for students to submit and handle their own complaints. However, students may appoint a representative such as a students’ union representative, friend or family member. If a student names a representative when they complete a MyOIA complaint form, we will send the representative an e-mail inviting them to create a MyOIA account. If the representative on a case is changed in MyOIA, we will update both the student and the representative. It is possible for representatives to create their own MyOIA account and submit a complaint form on the student’s behalf, provided the student accepts the ‘Declaration’ themselves. In those cases we will confirm with the student that a complaint has been submitted on their behalf and create a MyOIA account for them.

Representatives such as Students’ Union representatives who represent more than one student will be able to see a list of all the complaints where they are the representative and to access a tracker for each of these complaints.

If you have any questions about MyOIA, the MyOIA Help page may help you. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.