Delivering learning opportunities with others

The Good Practice Framework: handling student complaints and academic appeals was published in December 2014 and revised in December 2016.

In March 2017, the OIA published a further section of the Good Practice Framework which outlines additional good practice guidance for providers to consider when handling complaints and academic appeals in the context of delivering learning opportunities in higher education with others.  The guidance is available on our Good Practice Framework webpage.

Collaborative arrangements in the higher education sector are diverse and often complex. The guidance sets out operational good practice but does not include prescriptive detail on every type of arrangement.  The OIA intends to build up a resource of case studies, illustrating the issues considered within the guidance. Member providers are encouraged to submit case studies to

From the 2018/19 academic year, this guidance will inform the way that the OIA considers complaints and academic appeals from students who are studying on courses which are provided through a collaborative arrangement involving more than one provider or awarding organisation.

In due course, the guidance may also be expanded to cover other examples of delivering learning opportunities with other, such-as work-based learning and placements. This iterative approach to development of the guidance seeks to ensure that the guidance is robust and helpful.