Good Practice Framework

The Good Practice Framework for handling complaints and academic appeals

The Good Practice Framework: Handling Complaints and Academic Appeals is a guide to handling complaints and academic appeals in higher education in England and Wales. It sets out overriding principles and operational guidance to support providers in areas including timeframes, progression between informal, formal and review stages, and record-keeping.

The Framework was prepared by a steering group and follows consultation with providers, students’ unions and higher education and complaints handling organisations.

The Framework was updated in December 2016 to include some practical guidance on handling complaints in smaller higher education providers, to give additional suggestions on supporting students, and to take account of changes in legislation.

The core principles of the Framework and the operational detail remain unchanged.

You can view the web version of the good practice framework or download it as a pdf.

Good Practice Framework
14 December 2016 - pdf

Good Practice Framework - Audio Presentation

We look at the background of why the Framework was created, the aims of the framework and how to use it, then look at the eight principles of the Framework in more detail and look at examples of it in practice.

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