Good practice framework

Disciplinary procedures

This section of the Good Practice Framework gives good practice guidance for providers in designing disciplinary procedures and in handling individual cases. It was prepared by the OIA in consultation with the Good Practice Framework Steering Group.

The draft guidance was published for consultation in June 2018 and submissions were received from providers, student representative bodies, and other higher education bodies, stakeholders and interest groups. The final version incorporates many of the very helpful suggestions we received.

It covers:

  • academic disciplinary procedures, for dealing with academic misconduct such as plagiarism, contract cheating, cheating in examinations or formal assessments, falsifying data, breaching research or ethics policies, and collusion; and
  • non-academic disciplinary procedures, for dealing with misconduct such as antisocial, abusive or threatening behaviour, sexual misconduct, violence, harassment, hate crimes, behaviour likely to bring the provider into disrepute, damage to property or abuse of facilities, causing a health or safety concern, and other behaviour that might also be a criminal offence.

The guidance will inform the way that the OIA considers complaints relating to disciplinary matters from the 2019/20 academic year.

Disciplinary procedures
Good Practice Framework - October 2018 - pdf