Higher Education Advisory Panel


The OIA has an advisory panel which it may consult on general matters of practice within the Higher Education sector which arise during our review of a complaint. This helps us to keep in touch with the sector and understand common practice within providers.

This panel is made up of experienced providers and students' union staff who are selected by an interview process with the OIA. We may ask advice from the whole group or we may approach individual members who have particular expertise in a certain area. We are not bound to follow any advice the Panel may give.

The Higher Education Advisory Panel does not see individual complaints nor make decisions about the outcome of complaints. Individual members are not asked for advice about complaints involving their own institutions. Seeking advice from this panel does not compromise our independence in any way.

Members - October 2018

Our current members of the panel from October 2018 are:

  • Gregory Allen, Head of Quality and Governance, GSM London
  • Mandi Barron, Head of Student Services, Bournemouth University
  • Jonathan Hall, Higher Education Deputy Manager, Recruitment, Admissions and Engagement, South Devon College
  • Jawanza Ipyana, Student Adviser, University of Sunderland Students' Union
  • Nicholas Whitehouse, Coordinator, Mixed Economy Group
  • Sarah Wilmer, Student Adviser, Leeds Beckett Students' Union