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Level 2 Webinars - Disability / Academic Disciplinary / Non-Academic Disciplinary

Level 2 Webinars

Level 2 Webinars

Level 2 webinars are an interactive session which focuses on case study discussion. Attendees will be sent a number of case studies in advance and will have the opportunity to contribute to a small group discussion during the session, facilitated by the presenters. Although not compulsory, we recommend you familiarise yourself with any available Level 1 webinar content prior to joining a Level 2 session. Level 1 sessions cover background information on a topic. Level 2 sessions are less content driven and more discussion based.

Level 2 webinars are aimed at all staff at all providers with an interest in certain topics - Fitness to Practise, Disability, Non-Academic Disciplinary and Academic Disciplinary issues. The webinar will be delivered using Zoom video conferencing, so use of a webcam is highly recommended. Group sizes will be limited to 8 persons, to give attendees maximum opportunity to participate.

Duration: 60-90 mins

Dates and Times: TBC