Social Media: Fitness to Practise - PI061610

Cardiff University

A student at Cardiff University studying for a professional qualification in the School of Healthcare Sciences posted a private message on social media asking another student if she had "a spare" supply of a prescription medication. The student was referred to the Fitness to Practise Co-ordinator and then to the University’s Fitness to Practise procedures. Following an investigation and a hearing the student was withdrawn from the programme.

Social Media: Student responsibility - PI061611

Coventry University

A student at Coventry University complained to us after the University rejected her appeal against a finding that postings on her Facebook account breached its code of conduct.

Extenuating circumstances and fitness to practise requirements - PI011601

Middlesex University

A student at Middlesex University submitted a claim for extenuating circumstances after she had been found unfit to practise. She made new information available at the appeal stage, relating to her circumstances outside university. She had chosen not to raise these issues at the original fitness to practise hearing.

Clarity on how extenuating circumstances have been considered - PI011602

Teesside University

A student at Teesside University taking a professional qualification claimed extenuating circumstances on different grounds for each of three attempts at an examination. She needed to pass this examination to achieve a degree that carried professional accreditation.

Consideration of extenuating circumstances - PI011604

Royal Holloway, University of London

A student at Royal Holloway University of London appealed an assessment result on procedural grounds that the University had not considered her extenuating circumstances. She complained to us after her appeal was rejected.

Extenuating circumstances: Grounds for appeal - PI011606

University of Reading

A student who had been withdrawn from the University of Reading after failing assessments complained to us that the University did not accept his grounds for a full appeal hearing.

Student excluded from assessment opportunity - PI011607

University of Westminster

A student at the University of Westminster appealed a decision to remove him from the course for lack of progress including a failed core module.