Student Mental Health - CS031801

An LLB student had been diagnosed with depression, general anxiety disorder, social anxiety which prevented her from leaving her house.

Student Mental Health - CS031803

A medical student complained to us after the provider dismissed her academic appeal. The provider concluded that she needed to repeat Year 4 because she had not satisfied the progression requirements.

Student Mental Health - CS031805

The student, who had been diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder, was pursuing a Doctorate which involved a practical element of assessment. After a few periods of absence and an extension to her registration period the student was warned that no further sustained absences could be supported.

Settlement - CS011803

The student withdrew from his course nine weeks after enrolling and lodged a complaint.

Other disciplinary case - PI021711

Falmouth University

A student at the University of Falmouth complained to us after the University rejected her complaints that she had been bullied by a senior lecturer and that no account had been taken of her disability. She first raised concerns after she received disappointing marks.

Competence standards - PI021707

University of Sussex

The Student Support Unit (SSU) at the University of Sussex sought additional reasonable adjustments to a disabled student’s examinations following an injury unrelated to her disability.

Competence standards - PI021705

University of Southampton

A medical student at the University of Southampton submitted a successful academic appeal to the University against her deregistration from the programme.

Attendance and disability - PI011611

Newcastle University

An international student with a Tier 4 visa at Newcastle University complained to us after being withdrawn from his course for non-attendance. He complained that insufficient attention had been given to his disability.

Disability and ill-health: Responsibility on students to follow procedures - PI091406

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University considered a stage one complaint about disability support in the summer of 2011. The University did not uphold the complaint and wrote to the student explaining that he had ten days to submit a written request for a stage two review.

Disability and ill-health: Responsibility on universities to document how they have supported students with disabilities - PI091408

University of Oxford

In considering a number of aspects to a complaint brought by a student at the University of Oxford, who had both disability and specific medical conditions, we found that the University could not demonstrate that it had looked at whether medical issues could have affected performance on the day of the examinations.