Student Mental Health - CS031804

Concerns were raised that a student’s behaviour posed a possible risk to himself and others. A Mental Health Adviser met with the student and his family and he was referred for an assessment by the provider’s Occupational Health Doctor.

Student Mental Health - CS031801

An LLB student had been diagnosed with depression, general anxiety disorder, social anxiety which prevented her from leaving her house.

Student Mental Health - CS031803

A medical student complained to us after the provider dismissed her academic appeal. The provider concluded that she needed to repeat Year 4 because she had not satisfied the progression requirements.

Settlement - CS011806

A postgraduate student complained to the provider that there were significant procedural failings in the assessment of her thesis and in the management of her viva.

Case involving possible criminal proceedings - PI021701

Cardiff University

A student at Cardiff University complained to us about the University’s decision to dismiss his appeal against his expulsion on disciplinary grounds.

Competence standards - PI021706

Queen Mary University of London

A medical student at Queen Mary University of London complained to us after the University turned down her appeal against being deregistered from the course.

Accommodation: Disciplinary issues, proof of breach of regulations - PI091608

University of Bristol

A student at the University of Bristol complained to us about a penalty for smoking and covering a smoke detector. The student was fined, issued a written reprimand and required to attend a fire safety course. Her appeal had been dismissed.