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Accommodation: Engagement in disciplinary process - PI091609

St Mary’s University Twickenham

A student at St Mary’s University Twickenham complained to us about the penalty for causing damage to university accommodation, after his appeal was rejected.

The student had been called to separate disciplinary meetings for each of two incidents and to a further meeting after he did not act upon the penalties imposed. Following the third meeting he was given a number of additional sanctions including a ban on living in university-owned accommodation for one year. He appealed on the grounds that the sanctions were too harsh, and that new evidence had come to light that he was not responsible for one of the incidents for which he had been penalised.

In considering his request for review the University noted the student’s view that his name had been cleared with regard to one of the incidents. However he had been banned from accommodation for not complying with the sanctions (in itself a disciplinary offence under the university regulations) and had not engaged with the University’s disciplinary process. He had been informed of his right to appeal after each of the first two hearings but had not chosen to do so.

We decided the student’s complaint was Not Justified.

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