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Consumer protection issues: Withdrawal for non-payment of tuition fees - PI051515

University of Greenwich

An international student was withdrawn from the University of Greenwich as she was unable to re-register for the new academic year due to non-payment of fees from the previous registration period.

We found that the University had been flexible in giving the student opportunities to delay payments and had advised her of the implications of failing to pay her tuition fees. We found its decision that the student was not able to register to continue her course reasonable.

The University informed the UK Border Agency (at the time the agency responsible for student visas) that the student had been withdrawn for failing to register by the agreed deadline. However it did not inform the student either that she was no longer registered or that it had notified the visa authorities. The student continued to attend lectures and receive correspondence from a personal tutor after she had been withdrawn.

We found her complaint Partly Justified on this basis and recommended that the University pay financial compensation for distress and inconvenience caused by its handling of her withdrawal.