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Delay in appealing - PI011612

Coventry University

A student at Coventry University complained to us that the University did not accept his late appeal against withdrawal for non-attendance.

Following two warnings the University wrote to the student advising him that he was being withdrawn, and advising of his right to appeal within 10 working days. The student did not appeal within the deadline. He explained that he had ignored the letter as he thought it had been sent in error and only took action when he was unable to submit work electronically because his registration had been terminated.

Our review focused on the University’s final decision, which was to refuse to consider the appeal because the student submitted it late. We concluded that decision was within the University’s appeal regulations, and that it was reasonable. The University had made its regulations clear to students through a number of means including the student handbook and the student portal.

We decided that the complaint was Not Justified.