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Disciplinary issues (non-academic): Balance of probability - PI051503

Buckinghamshire New University

A student at Buckinghamshire New University complained to us about the outcome of disciplinary procedures instigated by the University. The University concluded that he had committed major misconduct in relation to damage at his student accommodation. He appealed against that outcome, and the penalty applied, but his appeal was rejected on the grounds that he had not provided material evidence to support his appeal.

We were satisfied that the University had followed its procedures when investigating the allegations against the student. We were satisfied that the University conducted a thorough investigation which included consideration of witness statements and photographs. The student disciplinary procedures are clear that "The balance of probabilities should be used in University disciplinary matters, as opposed to the evidence being "beyond reasonable doubt"".

We found the decision of the disciplinary panel and the decision to disallow the student’s appeal reasonable and found the complaint Not Justified.