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Financial Issues: Importance of clear communications - PI061608

Sheffield Hallam University

A student at Sheffield Hallam University complained to us that the University rejected his complaint about the impact of a change of status from part time to full time.

The change was made by the University following a conversation with the student regarding his intentions.  It was not clear that the student had been fully informed of the implications of making the change or given his written consent. The University accepted in its consideration of his complaint that the student had financial issues arising from the change in his mode of study. It offered a reduction in fees.

We considered that this did not go far enough in recognising the distress and inconvenience caused. We additionally upheld the student’s complaint that the change had altered his choice of modules. We found the University’s decision on other aspects of the complaint reasonable.

We decided the complaint was Partly Justified and recommended financial compensation to cover a rebate of the difference between the part time and full time fees, and for distress and inconvenience.