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Financial Issues: Withdrawal of discount - PI061609

University of Wolverhampton

A student at the University of Wolverhampton was eligible for a tuition fee loyalty discount for alumni who returned to the University for further study. He complained to us about the University’s decision to withdraw his discount because of late payment of his fees. He contended that the decision was unfair because he had not been made aware of the terms and conditions of the discount or of the deadline for paying fees.

The University sent us the terms and conditions document that had been sent to all returning students at the start of the academic year and that was available on the website. This set out the date that each instalment was due and made it clear that the discount was subject to prompt payment. It also provided evidence that the student had been sent reminders throughout the year.

Universities have a duty to apply their policies fairly across the student body. The University could demonstrate that it had provided the relevant information to the student. We decided that the withdrawal of the discount was reasonable and that the complaint was Not Justified.