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Lack of evidence to support appeal - PI011613

King's College London

A student on a BSc programme at King’s College London complained to us about the College’s decision to reject her academic appeal.

The student had been given two extensions to the deadline for her dissertation on the grounds of extenuating circumstances but failed to submit work. After the second extension expired she submitted a Notification for Examination Absence (NEA) - the process to follow when unable to submit a dissertation. This was not accepted as it was outside the deadline and she was awarded an exit award of a Pass in a DipHE.

The student appealed, providing letters from her GP to support her appeal. The appeal was rejected at stage one because the Assessment Board decided that she had not submitted new evidence that had not previously been considered. The Board was also not satisfied that she had been unable for valid reasons to submit information before it confirmed her exit award.

We were satisfied that the College’s decision was reasonable. The medical evidence was, in our view, not compelling. It did not provide a definitive statement that the student was too unwell to use the NEA process at the time, and was not evidence of a new condition.

We found the case Not Justified.