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Other disciplinary case - PI021711

Falmouth University

A student at the University of Falmouth complained to us after the University rejected her complaints that she had been bullied by a senior lecturer and that no account had been taken of her disability. She first raised concerns after she received disappointing marks.

The evidence with regard to bullying was contradictory and on balance the University did not uphold the complaint.

The University could demonstrate that it had provided reasonable adjustments. It suggested that it instigate its Fitness to Study process but the student declined this. We considered that this process would have been likely to be helpful to the student as it would have provided an opportunity for her to discuss her needs. However the student chose to withdraw from the University.

We decided the complaint was Not Justified. Based on the evidence obtained during the University’s investigation into the student’s allegations of bullying, we consider that it would not have been reasonable for the University to have upheld this aspect of the complaint.

In relation to her disability the evidence we saw indicated that the majority of the reasonable adjustments outlined in the student’s needs assessments were in place. We concluded that it was open to the student to raise concerns about the adjustments if she felt they were not meeting her needs prior to submitting her assessments.