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Procedural issues: Prima facie review - PI011512

London Business School

A student at the London Business School was informed that he had failed his second attempt at an exam. He then submitted an appeal on the grounds that there had been administrative error or procedural irregularity and bias against him. A report by an assigned member of staff concluded there were no prima facie grounds for referral of his appeal to an Academic Appeal Committee and the reconsideration of the assessment was that it was still a fail. The student submitted a complaint to us

The institution’s regulations stipulate that specified senior staff "review the documents provided by the Investigator..... to determine whether there exists a prima facie case for referral to the Academic Appeal Committee". In this case, the Investigator’s report ran to several pages and included a conclusion which indicated that it went somewhat further than a prima facie consideration. We therefore expressed concern that the use of the term prima facie in the procedures in relation to the process actually followed in this case was ambiguous and misleading.

For these reasons we found the case Justified and recommended that the students’ appeal be considered by an Academic Appeal Committee at an Appeal Hearing.