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Responsibility on students - PI011615

Regent's University London

An overseas student at Regent’s University London was taken ill before his exams. He returned to his home country, where he was diagnosed and treated for an acute illness. During his absence he missed an examination and did not submit an extenuating circumstances claim. The Assessment Board decided that he would be required to retake the assessment for a capped mark.

On his return the student appealed this decision on the grounds of extenuating circumstances which he was unable, or for valid reasons, unwilling to divulge at the time of the assessment. His appeal was rejected. The Appeal Board noted that the student had completed treatment three days before the deadline for submitting extenuating circumstances and that it would have been open to him to submit a claim and accompanying medical evidence by email.

The University’s regulations required the student to establish that he was "unable" to submit his claim by the deadline. We were satisfied that it was reasonable for the University to decide that the student had not established that he was unable to meet the deadline because he did not submit any evidence to that effect. We were also satisfied that it was reasonable for the Board to conclude that the student’s absence from the UK was not a valid reason for not submitting his extenuating circumstances claim on time.

We found the student’s complaint Not Justified.