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Settlement - CS011801

The student completed a two-year Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), and registered for a “top-up” year at the same provider to convert her GDL into an LLB degree. She completed the top-up year and was awarded an unclassified degree.

She submitted a complaint about her result to the provider, but was informed that it did not classify the degrees of those who achieved the LLB via the top-up route. The student complained to us. She said she had not been informed that her degree would not be classified. If she had known this in advance she would have studied elsewhere.

We had concerns with the way in which the information about the classification of the LLB degree was publicised. These concerns were informed by the Competition and Markets Authority’s 2015 guidance to higher education providers about their obligations under consumer protection law. The provider offered nine different routes to obtaining the LLB, all of which were classified apart from the GDL top-up. It did not look as if the provider had drawn students’ attention to this difference in regulations, or that information about it was easily accessible.

We discussed our concerns with the provider and it offered to reconsider the student’s marks profile and to classify her degree according to the same regulations used for its other LLB programmes. The student accepted the offer and was subsequently awarded a first-class degree.