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Settlement - CS011802

The student was studying for a BSc in Economics. Her father had suffered severe ill-health throughout all three years of her degree, which affected her academic performance.

The student made several applications for extenuating circumstances throughout her first and second years, which were approved, and her lowest-scoring modules were discounted.

After completing the course she appealed against her degree classification on the grounds that her academic performance was affected by extenuating circumstances. She also stated that the provider’s staff had advised her that no further mitigation could be applied in her case, which was why she had not submitted extenuating circumstances during her third year. The provider rejected the appeal because the student had not reported her extenuating circumstances at the appropriate time. She complained to us.

We sent copies of the documents to the provider and asked for comments. The provider contacted us to say that it had identified a procedural error. The provider said that when it originally considered the student’s appeal it did not address her allegation that she had been given incorrect advice. In order to remedy this error, the provider offered to reconsider the appeal. The student accepted the offer.