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Settlement - CS011803

The student withdrew from his course nine weeks after enrolling and lodged a complaint.

He withdrew because he had not been contacted by disability services and felt unable to cope without reasonable adjustments in place. The provider did not uphold the complaint. The delay providing adjustments was caused by a communication problem (it had a misspelt email address on file for the student). Despite this the provider made a goodwill offer to waive all costs associated with the first year, including tuition fees and accommodation, provided that the student recommenced his studies the following academic year. The student did not wish to return to the course as he was too unwell. He complained to us.

We were concerned that the provider did not appear to have considered its duties towards students with disabilities when reaching a decision on this complaint. We thought that the provider had not acted swiftly following the student’s withdrawal, and this caused him to become liable for accommodation costs. We suggested that the provider reconsider the case or offer a practical remedy to the student. The provider made an offer to waive the student’s costs without requiring him to re-enrol the following year. The student accepted the offer.