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Settlement - CS011805

Student A was studying a BA. Following a party held in the Student A’s university-owned shared flat, another resident (Student B) submitted a complaint about noise.

Student A was found guilty of breaching the Residents’ Code of Conduct for his accommodation and was issued with a fine. Some (but not all) of those involved in the party then posted unpleasant messages about Student B on a group chat application, under anonymous usernames. All of the students who had hosted the party were issued with a formal written warning in respect of bullying and harassment.

Student A complained to us on the basis that he was not involved in the group chat, and that the penalty for his breach of accommodation regulations was disproportionate.

We were concerned that the provider had not taken reasonable steps to establish whether or not Student A was one of those involved in the offensive group chat and had not properly considered the appropriate penalty. We discussed our concerns with the provider and it offered to reconsider the matter. Student A was able to provide new information relating to the identification of those posting on the group chat, and the provider agreed to include this in its reconsideration. Student A accepted the offer.