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Social Media: Inappropriate use of social media - PI061612

Edge Hill University

A student at Edge Hill University complained to us after his appeal against the decision of a University disciplinary panel was rejected.

The student had posted offensive material on twitter. A disciplinary panel decided not to withdraw him from his course subject to meeting a number of conditions. The student failed to meet one of the specified conditions, to attend a "Digital Footprint Workshop". The workshop was rescheduled to suit him several times but he did not attend. The University convened a second disciplinary panel which decided unanimously to expel him. The student appealed this decision.

The minutes of the new disciplinary panel showed that members of the panel had been concerned that the student had not apologised, had shown no awareness of the serious consequences of his actions, and had "displayed a total disregard for the Student Disciplinary process". In these circumstances, we consider it was reasonable for the University to reject his appeal on the basis that he had not provided evidence of sufficient significance to call into question the fairness of the decision.

We decided the complaint was Not Justified.