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Student excluded from assessment opportunity - PI011607

University of Westminster

A student at the University of Westminster appealed a decision to remove him from the course for lack of progress including a failed core module.

The University had counted as an attempt an assessment that the student was not allowed to complete because of unpaid tuition fees. Failure in this module contributed to the Assessment Board’s decision to terminate his studies. The University confirmed to us that, had this element not been counted as an attempt, the student would have had a further opportunity to take the assessment.

We expressed concern about the blanket policy of preventing students from attending assessments when they have debts and suggested that the University consider other options in these circumstances, such as refusing to mark work or withholding a mark or an award until the debt is cleared.

We decided the complaint was Partly Justified. We recommended that the student be given a fresh opportunity to submit work, and financial compensation for distress and inconvenience.