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Student Mental Health - CS031804

Concerns were raised that a student’s behaviour posed a possible risk to himself and others. A Mental Health Adviser met with the student and his family and he was referred for an assessment by the provider’s Occupational Health Doctor.

In the interim the provider temporarily suspended the student and excluded him from campus for an initial period of four months. The student appealed this decision on the basis of procedural irregularity. He also said the decision was unreasonable/disproportionate. The provider rejected the appeal concluding that he had not established grounds. The student brought a complaint to us.

New medical evidence was obtained before we began our review and the student asked the provider to reconsider his suspension. Based on this evidence the provider agreed that the student was fit and able to return to his studies. Although the suspension was lifted, the student wanted to pursue his complaint against the provider because he believed its decision was unreasonable in the first place, particularly as he had not been diagnosed with any mental heath illness at the time.

We concluded that although new evidence had been provided that confirmed the student was not suffering from any mental health illness, the decision to suspend him had been taken on account of his behaviour at the time. The student had acknowledged that his behaviour during the previous term had been disruptive. The provider had an obligation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all staff and students, as well as the effective running of its academic programmes. We were satisfied the provider had followed its procedures and the final decision was reasonable.

We found the complaint Not Justified.