Discussion paper: Requests for special consideration

In March 2019 we held a forum to encourage conversation about how providers approach students' requests for special consideration (different providers call the processes different things, including "mitigating", "extenuating", "exceptional" or "special circumstances" procedures or "factors affecting performance"). We have published this discussion paper which sets out some insights from that forum, from the many cases we have seen, and from other discussions we have had with providers and student representative bodies over the year.

The paper also asks questions which we would like providers, students, and student representative bodies to consider. We will be gathering comments on the discussion paper and responses to the questions we ask in the paper over the next few months and we will publish more information in the new year on how you can feed in to the discussion.

We plan to run interactive webinars early in 2020, and we would welcome your suggestions for any particular points within the discussion paper that you would like to see as a focus for a webinar - please email outreach@oiahe.org.uk.