Track Your Complaint Online


Welcome to the OIA's Online Complaints Tracker

The online tracker will allow you to view the progress of your complaint as we review it. For more information on the way we handle your complaint please see our 'What Happens Next?' leaflet.

The tracker will enable you to see when we have allocated your complaint, received correspondence from yourself or the university and any deadlines for information or comments to reach us by. If we make a Recommendation to your provider on your complaint, you will be able to see when we expect them to comply by and once we are satisfied this has been done.

If you wish to track the status of your complaint online, and have submitted your Complaint Form, then you can do so by submitting your Surname/Family Name and Complaint Reference Number below.

Please note that the tracker will be refreshed at the end of each working day and any changes on your case will be updated. The provider and student tracker show identical information about each complaint.

If you have any problems using this facility please contact us.


(The Reference Number entered should look like this i.e. OIA/12345/67)