Good Practice Framework

Supporting disabled students

This section of the Good Practice Framework outlines good practice guidance for providers to consider when supporting disabled students. The section was prepared by the OIA in consultation with the Good Practice Framework Steering Group and the OIA's Disability Experts Panel. A draft was published for consultation in March 2017 and submissions were received from providers, student representative bodies, other higher education bodies and stakeholders, and interest groups.

The guidance is drawn from the OIA's broad experience of handling complaints, with additional input from the wide range of consultees. It includes guidance on how providers can remove obstacles to learning, and on supporting students before and during their studies, as well as on what to do when things go wrong. Its scope is therefore wider than previous sections of the Good Practice Framework which have focused on handling complaints and academic appeals. This is in keeping with the OIA's charitable purpose which includes the active promotion of good practice in preventing and handling complaints.

The guidance will inform the way that the OIA considers complaints relating to disability issues from the 2018/19 academic year.


Supporting disabled students
Good Practice Framework - October 2017 - pdf