Register of Interests

Directors/Trustees must act in the best interests of the OIA and in line with our governing documents. One aspect of this is that they must be aware of, and properly manage, potential conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of interest arise where someone’s personal or non-OIA interests may conflict with the interests of the OIA. This could lead to a perception that the person is not acting in the OIA’s best interests.

Conflicts of interest will inevitably occur from time to time. Our Directors/Trustees legitimately have other roles and interests outside the OIA. They are expected to tell us about any interests that could potentially lead to a conflict of interest with their role at the OIA. We believe it is important to properly record these interests and to be transparent about them.

Directors/Trustees will withdraw from decision making if there is a risk of a perceived conflict. The issue is not the person’s own integrity but the need for the Board to follow principles of good governance and to be independent.

The Company Secretary keeps a Register of Interests which the Board reviews each year. Directors/Trustees are responsible for keeping their declared interests up to date. There is also an opportunity to declare interests at the start of Board meetings as they may relate to particular issues on the agenda.

The declared interests of the Senior Leadership Team and the Company Secretary are also included on the Register. Connections with higher education providers of all OIA staff are managed separately due to the nature of our work.

Board members and the Senior Leadership Team are not permitted to accept honorary degrees during their period of service.

Register of Interests
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