MyOIA for students

Creating a MyOIA account makes it easy for you to submit a complaint to us and to track its progress.

To create an account you will need to provide some contact details and choose a password, and set up multi-factor authentication.

You can use your MyOIA account to quickly and easily update your contact details and securely upload any documents relating to your complaint. 

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MyOIA for student representatives

If you are acting as a representative for a student you can create a MyOIA account and you will be able to see all information relating to the complaint. 

If the student has not yet submitted a Complaint Form, you can help them with this using their MyOIA account (the student will still need to complete the Declaration on the form).

If you represent more than one student you will be able to see information about all complaints for which you are the representative.

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MyOIA for providers

We create an account for each provider that is a member of our Scheme. If you don’t have login details (email address and password), or if you are new to our Scheme and think you may not yet have an account, please contact us.

Depending on your role, you can use MyOIA to see complaints about your provider, view details of your provider's membership and subscriptions, update your contact details and give permission to colleagues to access specific information about your provider.

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On our MyOIA Help page you can learn more about:

If you need any further help, please contact us.

MyOIA Help

Help and guidance for using MyOIA.