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Accessing the OIA: Toolkit for Student Representative Bodies

This Toolkit is designed to help you and your Students' Union, Association or Guild understand our process and help students who use our Scheme.

Cael Mynediad I SDA: Pecyn Cymorth ar Gyfer Cyrff Cynrychioli Myfyrwyr

Bwriad yr adnoddau yn y pecyn cymorth hwn yw eich helpu chi a'ch Undeb, Cymdeithas neu Urdd Myfyrwyr i egluro i fyfyrwyr pwy ydyn ni a beth rydyn ni'n ei wneud.

Student representative bodies

How a student representative body can help students with their complaint.

Representing a student

Are you representing a student in their complaint about a higher education provider?

Supporting students with complaints arising from industrial action

This note sets out some practical tips for Student Representative Bodies (SRBs) to consider when supporting students with complaints arising from industrial action.

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