Many student complaints are resolved through higher education providers’ own processes. But when a student is unhappy with the outcome of those processes, it is important that they have access to independent, impartial review. This is what we do. Our case studies show the sort of cases we receive and their outcomes. We can recommend a range of remedies to put things right, both for the individual student and to improve practice.

In this section

Who can complain to us?

Learn more about who can complain to us and what they can complain about.

What happens when a student complains to us?

Learn more about how we deal with complaints, and what happens once a complaint is made.

What you can expect from us when we review a complaint

What you can expect from us when we are reviewing complaints.

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Our Rules

Our Rules set out how our Scheme, who can complain, what we can and can't look at, how we review complaints and what higher education providers should do.

Personal data

How we deal with your personal data.

Putting things right

Information about our approach to putting things right.

OIA process flow chart [PDF]

Our flow chart provides a useful overview of our review process.