We are committed to providing a good service, whether you are a student, representing a student, or an OIA Point of Contact in a provider.

Our values

In reviewing complaints, as in all other aspects of our work, we are guided by our values. We will listen to you and treat you fairly and with respect, share information with you and try to answer any queries you might have.

Progressing the complaint and keeping you informed

We will keep you informed about the progress of the complaint. At each stage of our review we will explain what is happening or what we need from you. We will tell you about any decisions we have made and the reasons for them. Sometimes the decisions that we make, or the outcome of a complaint, are not what a student or a provider might expect or want. We hope that our explanations will be clear but if you have queries please contact the case-handler or our Casework Support Team.

We try to resolve complaints as quickly as we can. But some complaints can take several months, especially if there are many different issues and a lot of evidence to weigh up. Each case-handler will be responsible for several cases at a time and we are not always able to provide a quick decision or immediate response. Our Casework Support Team can answer most general queries but sometimes a case-handler needs to consider the information we have on a case before we can respond in greater detail.

Complaints that need to be resolved more quickly

All cases are important to the people involved, and most students are keen for us to resolve their case as soon as we can. If you think a complaint needs to be resolved especially quickly, or before a certain date, please let us know as soon as possible and explain why. In the interests of fairness to everyone who uses our service we will only prioritise a case if there is good reason for doing so. For example, we have prioritised cases where students have serious health issues, and where there is a strict time limit set by a professional body for a course to be completed.

Helping us

We rely on the cooperation of all involved to progress our reviews effectively (see also How you can help us review your complaint). If someone acts in a way that is likely to have a negative effect on our staff or our work, we may take steps to address that.

Your feedback

We welcome feedback about your experience of using our Scheme. If you have specific concerns about the way a case is being handled, please first tell the person who is dealing with the case. If this doesn’t resolve your concerns, you can make a complaint about our service.

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We would like to hear about your experience of using our Scheme, so please share your thoughts, concerns or suggestions.

Complaints about our service

We know that, as in any organisation, things can sometimes go wrong. Please tell us if this happens, so that we can put things right and learn from any mistakes.