Our values underpin everything we do. They are a key part of our strategy and inform how we approach our work. Our values are:

Integrity and independence

We are honest, inclusive and fair. We are independent and impartial and we make decisions on merit.


We review complaints in a proportionate, timely and fair way, using our insight to develop and promote good practice. We have a professional and committed staff team.

Openness and accessibility

We are clear, transparent and accessible in all that we say and do.

Service ethos

We treat all who engage with us with respect and sensitivity. We listen, reflect, and learn, being flexible and responsive to those who use our service and working continuously to improve what we do.


We are committed to understanding the sector and to sharing knowledge.

Equality and diversity

We believe strongly in equality and diversity and we promote it through our work and as an employer.

Black Lives Matter

The events of the last few weeks have for us, as for many people and organisations, prompted a lot of soul searching. As an ombuds service we have a deeply held commitment to equality and fairness. But we are also very aware that we still have a long way to go to achieve real race equality, and that we must redouble our efforts to play our part in making this a reality – words alone are not enough. So we have been asking ourselves what more we can do, both as an employer and in our work. We are looking again at our recruitment practices and at how we promote understanding within our organisation of race equality issues. And we are renewing our focus on work we began earlier this year to see what we can learn from the complaints we receive from BAME students, both in terms of the service we provide and with a view to sharing learning with providers and others.

June 2020

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