Our service

We want everyone who uses our service to have a positive experience.

We aim to reflect our values in every aspect of what we do. We treat everyone with respect, are inclusive and listen to and learn from people who use our service. We ask that those who use our service also treat us with respect.

We know that for some students, bringing a complaint to us can be difficult, and often comes at a time when they are facing other challenges in their lives. We try to be sensitive to this while always being impartial in our decision making. 
Read more about what you can expect from us when we are reviewing a complaint.

As part of our work we deal with personal information. We understand the importance of looking after this information carefully, in line with data protection legislation. Find out more about how we deal with your personal data.

A wide range of people and groups come into contact with us. We try to tailor the service we provide to meet their different needs. For example, in our outreach programme we offer webinars and workshops specifically for student representative bodies and for higher education providers that are new to our Scheme.

We believe that listening to and working with other people and organisations is key to helping us to provide a good service. We consult widely on relevant developments in our work, for example if we want to change our Scheme Rules, and on new sections of our Good Practice Framework.

Feedback from people who use our service is important to us. Many of the service improvements we have made have been influenced by feedback we have received. For example, students told us that they did not always find our communications easy to understand. We are moving towards a simpler, more informal style of communication to help make our service more accessible.

We welcome feedback at any time, on any aspect of our service. You can fill in our feedback form, or email us at feedback@oiahe.org.uk.

We know that like all organisations we sometimes get things wrong. If you are unhappy with an aspect of our service, please first raise this with the person you have been dealing with. If this does not resolve your concerns, you can make a complaint about our service.

Personal data

How we deal with your personal data


We would like to hear about your experience of using our Scheme, so please share your thoughts, concerns or suggestions

Complaints about our service

We know that, as in any organisation, things can sometimes go wrong. Please tell us if this happens, so that we can put things right and learn from any mistakes

What you can expect from us

What you can expect form us when we review a complaint.

What happens when a student complains to us

Learn more about how we deal with complaints, and what happens once a complaint is made.

Outreach and events

Find out more about our upcoming workshops, events, provider visits, speaking engagements and webinars.