information for providers

What is a Point of Contact and what do they do?

Find out more about what an OIA Point of Contact does and how we communicate with you.

Information for you as our Point of Contact

Find out more about your role as our Point of Contact.

Completion of Procedures Letter guidance

Our guidance for Completion of Procedures (COP) Letters.

Handling complaints arising from industrial action

This note will provide some helpful suggestions about things to consider when handling complaints about industrial action.

related pages

Good Practice Framework

Guidance we publish on good practice for higher education providers.

Outreach and events

Find out more about our upcoming workshops, events, provider visits, speaking engagements and webinars.

Case summaries

View examples of cases we receive and how we resolve them. These include our public interest cases and case summaries.

Rules and guidance

Our Rules set out how our Scheme works, who can complain, what we can and can’t look at, how we review complaints, and what higher education providers should do.

Reviewing complaints

Learn more about what complaints we can look at and how we review them.