Consideration of extenuating circumstances - PI011604

Royal Holloway, University of London

A student at Royal Holloway University of London appealed an assessment result on procedural grounds that the University had not considered her extenuating circumstances. She complained to us after her appeal was rejected.

Extenuating circumstances: Grounds for appeal - PI011606

University of Reading

A student who had been withdrawn from the University of Reading after failing assessments complained to us that the University did not accept his grounds for a full appeal hearing.

Student excluded from assessment opportunity - PI011607

University of Westminster

A student at the University of Westminster appealed a decision to remove him from the course for lack of progress including a failed core module.

Extenuating circumstances and non-submission of work - PI011609

University of Leicester

A student at the University of Leicester complained to us after appealing unsuccessfully against the University’s decision not to extend the maximum registration period for an MBA, and to award him a Postgraduate Diploma. The University explained that the request was denied due to lack of progress. The student had not completed his dissertation and had not submitted any work in the preceding four years.

Withdrawal for non-attendance - PI011610

University of East London

A student at the University of East London complained to us after her appeal against withdrawal for non-attendance was rejected.

Attendance and disability - PI011611

Newcastle University

An international student with a Tier 4 visa at Newcastle University complained to us after being withdrawn from his course for non-attendance. He complained that insufficient attention had been given to his disability.

Delay in appealing - PI011612

Coventry University

A student at Coventry University complained to us that the University did not accept his late appeal against withdrawal for non-attendance.

Lack of evidence to support appeal - PI011613

King's College London

A student on a BSc programme at King’s College London complained to us about the College’s decision to reject her academic appeal.