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Disability - CS082007

A student needed an ergonomic chair. The provider agreed to pay for a chair for use on campus; DSA funding covered the cost of a chair for the student to use at home. Following an assessment with a chair specialist, the chair was supplied to the campus.

The student did not find the chair suitable, and a process of adjustment, amendment and replacement began. It took two years to reach a chair configuration which the student found appropriate. The student complained to us.

Although we agreed that the student had not had the experience they had expected, we did not uphold the student’s complaint that the provider had not supported them during this process and we found the complaint Not Justified. The provider had consulted appropriate experts in a timely way, had supported the student in ongoing communications, had met costs of swapping parts between the home and campus chairs and had engaged with a new chair supplier. The provider had recognised that the student’s experience had not been satisfactory and had taken steps to consider how this had affected their academic performance.