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Disabled student - CS052408

A student affected by generalised anxiety disorder was part of a cohort affected by industrial action.

The provider proactively considered whether any teaching had not been delivered, and offered students on this course compensation of £250. The provider had set up a special process for students to make further submissions about the impact that the industrial action had had on them individually. The student made a submission and the provider increased its offer to the student to £500.

The student was dissatisfied and complained to us. They described the impact of the industrial action as very severe, because of their pre-existing anxiety. The student described how this worsened because they were unable to talk to tutors about their studies at various points of industrial action. The student had felt that they needed to suspend their studies. The student provided medical evidence that described how they had been feeling in recent months.

The provider contacted us. It said that in light of the more detailed statement the student had made in their complaint to us, it would like to offer more compensation. The student accepted the offer of £2,200 and the complaint was Settled.