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Fitness to practise - CS101903

A fitness to practise panel reached a decision that a student was not fit for practice and should not be allowed to continue on the course. The letter to the student told the student they could appeal, and directed them to the academic appeal regulations. The student appealed and the provider rejected the appeal. The student complained to us.

We decided that the complaint was Justified on procedural grounds. The student had been directed to the wrong appeal process. The grounds for appealing decisions about academic progress were different to the grounds for appeal set out in the fitness to practise appeals regulations. We concluded that the provider had not considered the appeal under the correct procedure.  We were also concerned that the appeal decision-maker did not have access to all of the relevant information from the fitness to practise panel, including the letter which explained the decision to the student.

We did not reach any decision about the merits of the student’s appeal. We recommended that the provider should consider a fresh appeal submission from the student, under the correct procedures.