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Pregnancy, parenthood and childcare - CS072205

A self-funded student missed the deadline to pay both the first and the second instalment of their tuition fees. The student made a payment each time after receiving a warning that their studies could be terminated.

In the second term, the student told the provider that they were pregnant and that the baby was due just before the end of the academic year. The student and provider discussed options for interrupting their studies. The student decided not to take time away from study on the course, but extensions for coursework deadlines were agreed. It was also agreed that the student would not be penalised for non-attendance when they were feeling unwell. 

The student did not pay the third instalment of fees. The provider sent the student several reminders and warnings about the consequences of non-payment of fees, before terminating the student’s registration.  

The student’s appeal against this decision was unsuccessful and they complained to us. 

We decided that the complaint was Not Justified. 

The student said that the provider had discriminated against them on the grounds of pregnancy. The student believed that they shouldn’t have to pay fees because they were pregnant, and felt that their studies had come to an end because of this. We were satisfied that the student was still responsible for paying their tuition fees, even though they were pregnant, because they had decided not to take time away from their studies. The provider had terminated the student’s registration because they had not paid their fees. There was evidence that the provider had offered the student a range of support for the pregnancy.   

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