Industrial action

When industrial action takes place within a higher education provider it can cause significant disruption for students and be a worrying time. It is important that providers affected by industrial action take steps to minimise the impact on students. This includes making up for lost learning opportunities as well as minimising any academic disadvantage.

If you are a student and you are considering making a complaint to us about how industrial action at your provider has affected you, you need to raise your concerns through your provider’s internal processes first. We have published some FAQs for students.

We have published some case summaries illustrating our approach to complaints arising from the impact of industrial action. We hope these are helpful to providers and students’ unions and other student representative bodies.

We published information in 2018-19 about complaints arising from industrial action, much of which remains relevant to more recent industrial action. This includes a briefing note published in March 2018 that gives information about our approach.

Handling complaints arising from significant disruption

Some suggestions about things to consider when handling students’ concerns around significant disruption, for example from the pandemic or industrial action.

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