Fitness to Practise: Competence standards - PI091503

De Montfort University

A student nurse at De Montfort University complained to us after the University turned down her grounds for appeal against being withdrawn from her course.

Fitness to Practise: Transparency - PI091504

Leeds Beckett University

A student at Leeds Beckett University complained after his appeal against withdrawal from his course was turned down.

Fitness to Practise: Disclosure - PI091505

Plymouth University

A student at Plymouth University complained about the process followed and decision taken by the University to withdraw her from a nursing course.

Fitness to Practise: Importance of clear procedures - PI091507

London South Bank University

A student at London South Bank University complained about the University’s decision not to uphold his appeal against his withdrawal from the course on fitness to practise grounds.

Fitness to Practise: Procedural irregularity - PI091508

Cardiff University

A student at Cardiff University complained about the University’s decision to reject her appeal against a finding that she was unfit to practise and was required to withdraw from the University.

Placements: Insufficient provision - PI091509

Nottingham Trent University

A student at Nottingham Trent University complained to us after the University rejected her complaints that she had been able to complete her professional qualification in one year as her placement did not include enough practice hours.

Placements: Transparency of decisions - PI091510

University of Wolverhampton

A student at the University of Wolverhampton complained after her appeal against a decision to fail her second practice placement was turned down.

Placements: Responsibility of students - PI091511

University Campus Suffolk

A student taking a vocational course at University Campus Suffolk withdrew from her course following difficulties with the placement. She complained that she had been asked at short notice to decide whether to continue her placement after a close relative fell ill, and that she had been forced to withdraw from her degree programme.