Student wellbeing - CS042301

A student was studying for a degree in business with a foreign language. The student was affected by mental health difficulties and during their first year of study they had discussed and agreed with the provider what support would be helpful.

Harassment and sexual misconduct - CS042309

A former student complained to the provider about the behaviour of a member of academic staff several years earlier. The student said the staff member had coerced them into a sexual relationship, which continued after they had graduated.

Academic misconduct - CS022304

Two undergraduate students were suspected of sharing answers (colluding) during remote online assessments and the provider took action under the Student Conduct procedure.

Academic misconduct - CS022305

A student was suspected of academic misconduct in an online examination. The log-in records showed that the student completed the assessment in less than 4 minutes. Some other students who completed the assessment also took a very short time. These students admitted that they had received information about the questions in the assessment from their peers who had chosen to access it at an earlier time within the permitted window. The information had been shared in a WhatsApp group.

Academic misconduct - CS022310

A student was studying a taught postgraduate programme and had to take an open book exam for one module. After the exam, the provider told the student that it was investigating them for contract cheating. The student was suspected of uploading some questions from the exam to a website, asking for answers from other users. The student admitted that they had posted a question but said they didn’t look at the answers. They said they had some difficult personal circumstances at the time that had affected their judgment.

Industrial action - CS052204

A student complained about the impact of industrial action on their studies. The provider rejected the complaint and said that it had taken steps to make sure that students could complete their assessments and it had delivered alternative sessions for those sessions that were missed.

Disability - CS052208

A student experiencing complex mental health difficulties interrupted their studies during their first year. The provider backdated the student’s interruption so that they weren’t charged tuition fees.

Coronavirus - CS072104

A cohort of students was on a Business-related taught postgraduate course, paying tuition fees of over £24,000. In March 2020 their provider suspended all face-to-face teaching and activities as a result of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus - CS072107

A student was renting a house with three other students. The accommodation agreement was with their higher education provider and the provider was renting the house (and others in the area) from private landlords.

Coronavirus - CS072109

A student and some of their housemates organised a party held in the accommodation they were renting from their higher education provider. The party was attended by several students from other residences.